Russian-speaking Limerick and surroundings, unite!

On June 8, a meeting of Russian-speaking compatriots, immigrants from the countries of the former USSR living in Ireland took place in Limerick.

The reason for the meeting was the recent visit of Mikhail Evgenyevich Timoshkin, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Russian Federation to Ireland, to this western Irish city. Then Mr. Ambassador invited the audience to open an organization in Limerick similar to the Dublin “Council of Compatriots”, which would simplify the dialogue of Russians living in Limerick and its environs with the Russian Embassy. Moreover, even financial support was promised from the embassy. The idea of ​​Mikhail Evgenievich seemed interesting to the Russians who were present at the meeting, and therefore it was decided to hold a meeting at which one could find out the opinion of other compatriots about the ambassador’s proposal. The idea of ​​Mr. Timoshkin was received with a bang, however, many agreed that the creation of such a society would not be an easy task, and, first of all, because, unfortunately,

Nevertheless, the meeting nevertheless proved to be productive. Firstly, it was possible to more or less clearly define the desired goals and objectives of the future society. Many wanted the organization to have an evening school where Russian-speaking children could study the Russian language, the works of Russian classics and the history of Russia. In addition, proposals were made to create a certain information center where one could receive information about the country of residence, exchange books, films, experience gained in living in Ireland, and make new useful contacts among compatriots. A desire was also expressed to create a sports team of immigrants from the USSR and much more.

The priority tasks were identified – this is finding and further renting a room with a telephone, obtaining financing, attracting initiative people, who could be just active compatriots, and, most importantly, Russian-speaking teachers, hairdressers, doctors, mechanics, builders, locksmiths plumbing. Since there is no opportunity for frequent meetings yet, at the last meeting it was proposed to create an Internet site. This would allow us to collect additional information and suggestions regarding the future organization. However, the help of altruists, in particular, specialists in the field of creating websites, is also needed here.

The fact that such a society is necessary did not raise any doubts among those present at the meeting, because in addition to the functions listed above, this alliance as a public non-governmental organization could help not only to bring issues of concern to compatriots to the Russian embassy, ​​but also to communicate with government agencies at the official level Ireland.