Athanassee Zafirov: The Pixel Artist

If you are a gamer or a computer enthusiast, you will be familiar of Pixel arts. Most of the icons in the computer are made of pixels. As you can see it from your perspective, it is made of small dots and the graphics look symmetrical. Pixel arts are can be seen from old computers and video console games. Microsoft Windows desktop icons are considered pixel arts. When your system run down an error and a message appeared, its graphic is made of pixel art as well. Pixel is composed by building pixels with the other pixels to form an image.

The most common used categories in the pixel art are what we called isometric and non-isometric. Before the use of real time three dimensional processing, it was the pixel art that showed, a graphic or design can be viewed in different angle. The pixel art that showed a dimensional angle is what we called isometric; it is a complicated style but will give you a wider view. Non-isometric is the pixel art that shows only the image in the front view, regardless of what you have drawn in the back. They will also apply the blending technique so the picture will not look blurry which they termed is anti-aliasing that stimulates the resolution of the image to have clear or pure effect. If you want to know more about pixels and emotions, you can find its details on

Due to the advance technology and the introduction of 3D graphics, pixel arts are no longer used but still active in other aspects, professional area and other portable devices that allows low resolution and low space and memory. The only thing that pixel got hold up is its limitation, particularly in its color scheme, storage and compression.

As a pixel artist like athanasse zafirov, no matter how much of the technology change in the future, a fan will always be a fan no matter what.