How to post your article or comment on the EPA website?

The publication of materials on the site has two goals: 1) the formation of an information base on the life of the Russian population of the European Union; 2) providing public discussion with new topics. Thus, the materials should be relevant to the European Union (countries of the European Economic Area) and its Russian residents. All publications are posted on a non-profit basis.

Both members of the Alliance and any visitor to the site can send their materials for posting. The site administration reserves the right to either refuse to publish without explanation, or ask the author to edit the document (for example, reduce its volume), or publish the initial text without changes. The administration does not undertake the editing of the sent texts, as well as the digitization of materials received in hard copy.

An article for posting on our website must be sent in electronic form to the address of the Alliance (button “send a letter”). The desired format is a Word document or a Win-encoded text document. The volume in the general case is no more than seven thousand characters. The recommended volume is about 3000 characters.

Each material sent for posting on the site should have a functional label: “for discussion” or “for information”. The first category includes materials of a journalistic, analytical and polemic nature. The second category includes announcements of upcoming and accomplished events in the cultural and social life of Russian Europe, practical advice on travel and life in European countries. In general, the administration does not accept publications related to the life of Russia and other countries that are not members of the EU and the European Economic Area. Typically, articles of a frankly advertising nature and historical materials whose subjects do not meet the priorities stated above are also not accepted for publication.

Copyright is the responsibility of the authors of the correspondence. In the event that material already published is sent, from the author of which it is impossible to obtain permission to use on the Alliance’s website, and on the source site there is no clear information about the conditions for using the materials published there, then only links to the source can be posted on the Alliance’s website.

Writing comments on posted content
All comments sent to the EPA website are reviewed and moderated before publication. The site administration reserves the right not to publish a comment or publish it in an edited form if it:
does not relate to the topic of the material to which it is written;
contains obscene expressions, as well as insults and expressions that degrade the dignity of other people, or accusations without appropriate reasoning;
contains calls for racial, national, religious and other intolerance;
is purely advertising in nature, contains hyperlinks that are not related to the topic under discussion;
Anonymous and does not contain an email address to which you can contact the author.
Please observe the rules adopted on the site and express your thoughts and ideas in a constructive and polite manner.